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+33 (0)661 809 046

Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission



The restoration specialists’ brief was to apply the highest standards for presentation purposes and retain as many original features as possible; in keeping with stringent brand guidelines for the original event intention. This was to entail primary product launch, stakeholder communication engagement and the facility to entertain.

  • Renown UK based global specialists in traditional shipbuilding, restoration, rigging and marine engineering, T. Nielsen Shipyard have undertaken the refit. Outstanding credits include the on-going restoration contract of HMS Victory.

  • In conjunction with T. Nielsen - engineers, machinery installation & piping systems Burgess Marine, UK’s largest independent ship repairer and foremost in the specialised marine engineering industry.

  • Electrical systems were designed and installed by Royle Jackson, highly experienced in marine engineering services for commercial & industrial vessels.

  • This multi-million pound refit has seen over 55,000 man hours invested to date; making this one of the most significant restoration projects of recent times.