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+33 (0)661 809 046

Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission

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Spring is Here!

Joel Yates

With Spring in the air, the crew of Kaskelot have been busy preparing the ship for the summer season. One of the many tasks is 'bending on' all of her sails, which were taken down over the winter months and stored safely below deck.

The crew have made good progress over the last month, with all but the main mast square sails back where they belong. This involved spending prolonged periods of time up the rig, stretching out sails, tying robands and head lashings, then leading all the running rig. 

The warmer, dryer weather means we can begin to build up fresh layers of varnish on all the brightwork and start to touch up paintwork. Kaskelot will look her very best when she arrives in Plymouth on the 2nd of April! If you are in Plymouth between the 2nd and 11th of April please come down and see us at Sutton Harbour. We will be open to the public daily from 0900- 1800.