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Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission

Kaskelot is Home in Bristol

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Kaskelot is Home in Bristol

Joel Yates

On the morning of September the 1st Kaskelot weighed anchor off Barry in the Bristol Channel and boarded a Bristol Pilot to guide her up the river.

On a beautifully still and sunny September morning Kaskelot silently weaved her way up the River Avon, under the iconic Suspension Bridge to pass through the lock and enter the Cumberland Basin, before proceeding into the historic Port of Bristol.

It is the end of a busy sailing season for Kaskelot, and she is now back in her home port for some rest and recuperation. This summer has seen her visit France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and many locations around the British Isles. You may have been lucky enough to have seen her in Liverpool, Falmouth, Weymouth, Plymouth, Poole, Fowey to name but a few locations.

She has taken hundreds of people sailing and hosted some of the best events on the water that 2015 had to offer. And she will be doing it all again next year!

The crew and the management of the Kaskelot would like to extend a hearty thanks to all those who have been involved with Kaskelot over the summer including Morbihan Festival, Sound City Liverpool, Volvo Ocean Race 2015, Dublin City, Liverpool City Council, the people of Arklow, Skagen, Wilhelmshaven, Gothenburg, Plymouth, Poole, Falmouth, Fowey, Boulogne Sur Mer, Paimpol, Cowes, Bristol Pilots, Cumberland Basin Watch House, Tony Nicholls and his team at the Harbour Office and anyone who visited the ship or helped the crew!

If you are in the Bristol Docks area and would like to find out more about Kaskelot and her work then please do not hesitate to pay her a visit and speak to a member of the crew. 

Keep an eye on the website for updates and details of future events.