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+33 (0)661 809 046

Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission

News & Events

Time to Sail!

Joel Yates

The end of May will see Kaskelot depart Bristol Harbour to kick off her 2016 sailing season. 

The first event of the year will be the Belfast Titanic Maritime Festival. The ship will be there to take part in the festivities and the help celebrate the cities unique maritime heritage. The event stretches over three days beginning on the 28th of May. Festival goers will be able to enjoy stepping aboard the visiting ships, Titanic based activities, live music, arts and crafts, street theater and displays.

From there the ship will head to Liverpool for the International Mersey River Festival. A great festival that Kaskelot now has the honour of participating in for the second year in a row. The excitement starts June 3rd and runs until the 5th.

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