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+33 (0)661 809 046

Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission

News & Events


Joel Yates

It's that time again, time for one of the largest maritime festivals of this year, Brest's International Maritime Festival! Every four years ships of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world, head for the French port for a week of exciting festivities. 

Kaskelot will be kept busy with day sailing and evening functions. Each day she will head out into the waters around the port and sail alongside hundreds of other craft. Then in the evening she'll host guests on board for catered events and fire work viewing. 

July 19th is the parade from Brest to Douarneneze. An exciting event that sees hundreds of ships all sailing together towards the same destination.

The festivities will finish off in Douarnenez with more day sailing, public and corporate functions, fireworks and excitement!