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Kaskelot is a three-masted barque and one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission

News & Events

Kaskelot is Home in Bristol

Joel Yates

On the morning of September the 1st Kaskelot weighed anchor off Barry in the Bristol Channel and boarded a Bristol Pilot to guide her up the river.

On a beautifully still and sunny September morning Kaskelot silently weaved her way up the River Avon, under the iconic Suspension Bridge to pass through the lock and enter the Cumberland Basin, before proceeding into the historic Port of Bristol.

It is the end of a busy sailing season for Kaskelot, and she is now back in her home port for some rest and recuperation. This summer has seen her visit France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and many locations around the British Isles. You may have been lucky enough to have seen her in Liverpool, Falmouth, Weymouth, Plymouth, Poole, Fowey to name but a few locations.

She has taken hundreds of people sailing and hosted some of the best events on the water that 2015 had to offer. And she will be doing it all again next year!

The crew and the management of the Kaskelot would like to extend a hearty thanks to all those who have been involved with Kaskelot over the summer including Morbihan Festival, Sound City Liverpool, Volvo Ocean Race 2015, Dublin City, Liverpool City Council, the people of Arklow, Skagen, Wilhelmshaven, Gothenburg, Plymouth, Poole, Falmouth, Fowey, Boulogne Sur Mer, Paimpol, Cowes, Bristol Pilots, Cumberland Basin Watch House, Tony Nicholls and his team at the Harbour Office and anyone who visited the ship or helped the crew!

If you are in the Bristol Docks area and would like to find out more about Kaskelot and her work then please do not hesitate to pay her a visit and speak to a member of the crew. 

Keep an eye on the website for updates and details of future events.


Joel Yates

Kaskelot is currently in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, enjoying the festivities that are the 'Wochenende an der Jade'. The weather has been fantastic and the atmosphere is one of real excitement, with thousands of visitors expected over the weeknd.

Kaskelot will be welcoming the people of Wilhelmshaven and beyond to come and have a look around the ship. 

On Monday 6th July Kaskelot will set sail again, bound for Boulogne sur Mer.  

Volvo Ocean Race Gothenburg to Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Joel Yates

Kaskelot is currently in Gothenburg enjoying the celebrations that mark the end of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. On the 27th of June she sail to Wilhelmshaven for the Wochenende an der Jade festival ( After this Kaskelot will set sail for Boulogne Sur Mer, due to arrive on the 10th of July. 

Kaskelot will be at Trinity Landing, Cowes, from the 20th July until the 10th of August 2015. There will be a limited number of day sails available- please keep on eye on our website for further details.



Dublin River Port Fest 2015

Joel Yates

Kaskelot has just slipped her lines and is outbound from Bramley Moore Dock, Liverpool. She will be tying up alongside in Dublin on the Friday 29th May for the River Port Festival.

A big thank you to all the people who visited the boat over the weekend in Liverpool!

The crew are looking forward to inviting people on board during her time in Dublin, so if you are in the area be sure to come down to the ship, meet the crew and have a good look around.


Kaskelot is coming to Fowey!

Joel Yates

Come sailing this weekend!

From the 1st - 4th of May Kaskelot will be taking passengers sailing out of Fowey. She will be sailing twice daily at 10:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 18:00. This is a great chance to get out on the water aboard this wonderful three masted sailing ship.

To book tickets please go to or call  (01726) 879500.

Kaskelot coming to Weymouth

Joel Yates

Kaskelot will arrive at  Weymouth Harbour on the 23rd of April. She will then open to the public from the 24th - 27th of April, 10:00- 18:00 daily. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to step aboard one of the finest wooden hulled square rigged sailing vessels in the world. 

Along with exploring her pitch pine decks, visitors will be able to step below and enjoy an exhibition of information about Kaskelot, her history and recent refit. 

Kaskelot will depart Weymouth on Tuesday 28th April and sail to Fowey.

If you wish to go sailing on Kaskelot, please go to or call 01726 879500 to find about sailing times and to book tickets.

Please note that all of Kaskelot's activities are subject to weather. 

Photo credit: Mike Kinsey


Last Chance to Step Aboard Kaskelot in Poole

Joel Yates

Today, 21st April, is your last chance to step aboard the beautiful three masted barque Kaskelot in Poole. She will be open from 10:00- 18:00 today. There is a wonderful exhibition on board  that provides information about the ship, as well as a display of traditional boat builders tools and materials. The crew are always happy to try and answer any questions you may have about Kaskelot and traditional block and tackle seamanship in general.

If you missed the ship in Poole then be sure to pay her a visit in Weymouth! She will be alongside Custom House Quay open to the public from the 24th- 27th of April 2015, open daily from 10:00- 18:00. 

Kaskelot will arrive in Weymouth on Thursday 23rd of April at approximately 10:30am.

Please note that times are given as rough guidelines only. All of Kaskelot's activities are subject to weather.

Kaskelot to Sail from Poole On 22nd April

Joel Yates

Kaskelot will be leaving Poole on Wednesday 22nd of April at approximately 11:30am. This is only a guide time, if you wish to see the ship leave the harbour arrive earlier.  

Please note that all of Kaskelot's activities are weather dependant, and it is not guaranteed that the ship will leave at the time given. 

Many thanks to everybody who came to visit the ship. We hope to see you again soon!

Alongside Town Quay, Poole

Joel Yates

Kaskelot is now tied up alongside Town Quay, Poole. She will be open to the public from 1000 - 1800 daily from the 15th of April to the 21st of April 2015.

Please come down and explore this beautiful sailing vessel and meet the crew who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Opening times may be subject to weather. 

Kaskelot to Depart Plymouth Today

Joel Yates

Kaskelot will be locking out of Sutton Harbour between 1300 and 1430 on the 14th April and heading for Poole Town Quay, due to arrive on the 15th April at 0900. 

The Captain and the crew of Kaskelot would like to thank Sutton Harbour for all the help and support they have shown Kaskelot during her stay. They would also like to say thank you to all the people who visited the ship during her stay. 

See you again soon!

Sail aboard Kaskelot from Fowey Harbour!

Joel Yates

Kaskelot will be taking visitors sailing from Fowey Harbour in Cornwall at the beginning of May. Do not miss this opportunity to join the crew for a while and get out on the open sea for three hours of maritime adventure.

From the 1st May until the 4th of May Kaskelot will be sailing twice daily from Fowey Town Quay. To book tickets go

Alternatively tickets can be booked via telephone on (01726) 879500.

Tickets are £45.00 per adult and £25.00 per child (12 and under)

Morning sail is from 10:00 until 13:00 and afternoon sail is from 15:00 until 18:00.

Please be advised that  Kaskelot will be on a mooring on the river Fowey and therefore boarding will be via boat, picking from Town Quay and returning to Town Quay. Sailing will be subject to weather.

For more information about day sailing with Kaskelot please contact Joel Yates on 07754637287 or email

Alongside, Sutton Harbour

Joel Yates

Kaskelot and her crew are delighted to be in Plymouth over the Easter weekend! After a tight squeeze through Sutton Lock, Kaskelot is safely tied up along Quay Road and open to visitors. If you get the chance come down to the ship, there are lots of things to see and the crew are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Kaskelot Sailing for Plymouth

Joel Yates

After a fantastic sail out of Milford Haven and down the North Coast of Cornwall, Kaskelot rounded Longships in the early hours of the 27th March. She then flew past the Lizard under full sail and headed up the South coast.

She will be locking into Sutton Harbour on the 31st of March at around 1623, and will open to the public on the 2nd of April from 0900 onwards. Please come down and explore this beautiful wooden sailing vessel.   

Sutton Harbour, Plymouth

Joel Yates

Kaskelot will be alongside in Sutton Harbour Marina from the 2nd to the 12th of April.

She will offer the public a chance to step aboard and explore the vessel. On display in the main cargo hold will be information about Kaskelot, her history and her recent refit. 

Kaskelot and her crew are delighted to be in Sutton Harbour over the Easter weekend and look forward to seeing you there!

Kaskelot to set sail

Joel Yates

With all Kaskelot's sails bent on , the ship is almost ready to go to sea! The vessel is now fully crewed, and final checks are underway. The winter hatch covers have been removed to reveal Kaskelots beautiful solid oak hatches in pristine condition. 

Kaskelot will depart Bristol on Saturday 14th March. She will lock out of Cumberland Basin around 12:28 then head down the river and out into the Severn Estuary, bound for Milford Haven. Please come down to Bristol Docks on Saturday to wave her off.

Do not miss the opportunity to get a  fantastic shot of one of the finest sailing vessels in the world passing under the historical Clifton Suspension Bridge.

The crew have had a great winter in Bristol, and would like to thank the city for its hospitality. Kaskelot hopes to see you again before too long!

Spring is Here!

Joel Yates

With Spring in the air, the crew of Kaskelot have been busy preparing the ship for the summer season. One of the many tasks is 'bending on' all of her sails, which were taken down over the winter months and stored safely below deck.

The crew have made good progress over the last month, with all but the main mast square sails back where they belong. This involved spending prolonged periods of time up the rig, stretching out sails, tying robands and head lashings, then leading all the running rig. 

The warmer, dryer weather means we can begin to build up fresh layers of varnish on all the brightwork and start to touch up paintwork. Kaskelot will look her very best when she arrives in Plymouth on the 2nd of April! If you are in Plymouth between the 2nd and 11th of April please come down and see us at Sutton Harbour. We will be open to the public daily from 0900- 1800. 



Dan Griffey

Kaskelot is currently alongside in Bristol. 

Kaskelot in Bristol. Image

Kaskelot in Bristol. Image